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We have a range of frac tanks available for rent, whether you need just 1, 20 or 100 tanks. Rent a frac tank for bulk storage of water, oil, fertilizer, chemicals, and other liquids. Our tanks available for rent are inspected, ready for service, and available throughout various locations nationwide. We’ve worked with companies across multiple industries including oil and gas, environmental, construction and agriculture.

Need to rent your tanks for an extended period of time? We offer extended use discounts so you can continue using your tanks until your project is finished.

We deliver to you!

All of our rental frac tanks are delivered to your job site and set in place, so that you can hook up and go. Our fast delivery is ideal for emergency situations when you need a tank fast.

Our selection of frac tanks available includes:
Internal or External manifold
Insulated tanks for cold weather projects
Flat Top Frac tanks

External manifold tanks can be connected for large projects, while internal manifold tanks are less likely to freeze in cold weather. Our nationwide network means we have frac tanks available for rent near you. Choosing the right equipment for your project before it starts can save time and money later.


What Is A Frac Tank?

A frac tank is a bulk liquid storage container that is portable via semi-tractor and made of durable steel. Many industries including construction, oil and gas, environmental and agricultural all trust frac tanks for tough and reliable liquid storage solutions.

Handling bulk liquids such as fuel, water, chemicals, fertilizers and more is easy with a used frac tank. Plus, there are different types of tanks with unique features that make them ideal for specific applications.

Frac Tank loaded on semi-truck

Types of Frac Tanks

The most popular and common type of tank features a closed, flat roof to keep the contents inside contained and protected from the elements. This type of tank boasts a 21,000 gallon storage capacity and can have either an internal or external manifold.

Slope Top Frac Tank

Slope Top Tank

The sloped design of this style tank gives it a shorter length and taller height. The shorter length gives the slope top tank a tighter turning radius and makes them ideal for job sites accessed by narrow roads, especially in agricultural applications.

Open Top Frac Tank

Open Top Tank

The open top tank is similar to a flat top, except it features an open top design that allows operators to check fluid levels and conditions inside the tank. An open top tank features a large 21,000 gallon capacity, and either an internal or external manifold.

Double Wall Frac Tank

Double Wall Tank

For job sites where environmental concerns run high, or projects that require hazardous materials, trust a double wall frac tank to safely contain those materials. The second internal wall gives these tanks a built-in secondary containment system.

Acid Frac Tank

Acid Tank

Designed specifically for storing materials with high acidity, the acid tank can handle materials without the worry of wear or erosion. Hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, and even hydraulic fluid can all be stored in an acid tank for extended periods of time.

Weir Frac Tank

Weir Tank

Speed up the settling of solids, particulates and oils with a weir tank. These tanks have a V shaped floor and are divided into sections to allow solids and sediments to separate from liquids. The liquids can then be drained from underneath the tank.

Gas Buster Frac Tanks

Gas Buster Tank

Storing liquids that release combustible gas is common across various industries. Those job sites trust a gas buster tank to safely store these materials, as this style tank has a top vent that allows gas to escape while fluids can be dispensed at the bottom.

Round Bottom Mud Tank

Mud Tank

Mud tanks are often used in the Oil and Gas Industry for separating drilling mud from cuttings during the fracking process. These tanks have a mixing capability that keeps the mud always suspended for quick and easy access during pumping.

Front Manway and Valves on Frac Tank

Frac Tank Benefits

Reliable, easy to access liquid storage from a frac tank is especially helpful for large job sites or projects that require a large amount of material such as water, fuel, chemicals, and more. A frac tank can also be extremely helpful on remote job sites to save on time and trips back and forth.

Frac tanks feature multiple valves and manways for easy access, plus they can come with either internal or external manifold options. The manifold is where the tank can be hooked to a variety of pumps, hoses, filters, and even each other. Fill and drain the frac tank easily without tilting.



Frac tanks are made out of durable steel, usually 1/4 inch thick and can have either smooth or corrugated walls. The durable interior linings vary from tank to tank, and can be relined to extend the life of a tank.

Most tank styles have the same outer dimensions of 8'6" Wide by 9'6" tall by 46' long. Many tanks hold a large capacity of 21,000 gallons or 500 BBL, but some styles like the double wall hold a smaller capacity. An empty frac tank weighs around 28,000 pounds, and it's important to note that frac tanks should only be moved when empty.

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