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Industry Uses for Frac Tanks

Frac tanks are a type of mobile equipment used for bulk liquid storage across industry projects including: Oil & Gas, Environmental, Agriculture, and Construction.

The large 21,000 gallon storage capacity makes frac tanks ideal for projects that require bulk liquids such as water, oil, fuel, chemicals, and more. There are different types of tanks available for certain situations, such as acid tanks for acidic materials, gas buster tanks for combustible materials, and double wall tanks when working in sensitive areas where not a drop of liquid can be spilled.

The Oil & Gas Industry uses frac tanks most often during fracking operations to store water, drilling fluid, and flowback from the well.

The Evironmental Industry may use frac tanks for cleanup operations, to store wastewater during septic projects, or even hazardous waste.

The Agriculture Industry can take advantage of the large capacity and easy access of frac tanks for fertilizer, water or fuel storage.

The Construction Industry may choose frac tanks for dewatering or site cleanup to avoid pumping contaminated water into sensitive areas as well as on site storage for fuel.

When searching for a frac tank for your industry project, trust a used frac tank to last a long time for thousands of dollars less than the cost of a new one.


Why Choose Used

Save Money

Used frac tanks can cost thousands less than new tanks.

Sturdy Construction

Made of steel to last multiple uses with little maintenance.

Bulk Liquid Storage

Most tanks have a capacity of 21,000 gallons (500 BBL).

Portable & Versatile

Move your tank from one job site to another for repeat use.


Jeff Halbirt

  • I've been working in the Oil & Gas Industry for over 25 years, and am an expert on used frac tanks including uses and specifications.
  • Need 100 tanks or just 1? I can handle your requirements and get you exactly what you need to get the job done.
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